Problem Solving

Our Problem Solving Training Program is an important element in Corporate Training. This program focuses on problem solving techniques that help to analyze, structure and solve business issues.

What is Problem Solving Training?

Problem Solving Training focuses on enabling individuals to learn a set of tools and practices that enable them to diagnose and solve problems effectively at the workplace.

Being able to creatively use problem solving techniques is an important to business as it is integral to handling challenges. There are those that are part of everyday business and those that affect long-term strategic direction. In whatever form they may arise; one thing is certain, problem solving must be dealt with at a root cause level. Successful businesses have come to learn how to view and deal with problems by developing effective problem solving skills.

The Problem Solving Training program run by MMM Training Solutions has a strong emphasis on problem solving techniques that address root causes of problems and avoid looking for temporary or ‘band-aid’ solutions which work only in the short-term.

Problem Solving Techniques

The Problem Solving Training Program focuses on the following techniques:

  • Brainstorming
  • Pareto Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Problem Re-statement Technique

Today all organizations are in the business of problem solving and decision making. The greatest challenge lies in constant evaluation of solutions to problems. Hence the Problem Solving Training is a core program in our Leadership Training courses conducted by MMM Training Solutions. It introduces effective approaches to problem solving techniques and skills. We do this by combining previously tried and tested standard techniques, as well as innovative methods that we have been gathering through our experience. All these techniques have proven to be successful in producing improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Through the use of activities and business cases, besides other methods, our Problem Solving Training will play key roles in the continued success of your organization’s manpower development. Participants will return to the workplace with the knowledge and tools to creatively deal with problems and decisions they may be facing.

Problem Solving Training Outline


Adopting innovation as a method of problem solving can be expected to occupy a prominent position in the years to come. This course aims at providing Executives and Managers, a set of tools that help them innovatively diagnose and solve business problems.


  • This program will help managers and executives to:
  • Understand the process of creativity and problem solving
  • Analyze their current problem solving and innovative thinking styles
  • Create an action plan for solving future problems
  • Evaluate, select and implement the best available solution effectively
  • Apply and integrate thinking tools, techniques and strategies for finding creative solutions
  • Understand the process of diagnosing and structuring problems before solving them

Training Topics:

  • Understanding the process of Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Role of Creativity and Innovation in Problem Solving
  • Attitudes that kill creative ideas
  • Understanding the mental roadblocks and enhance existing thinking to create innovative ideas & solutions
  • Separate complex problems into prioritized, manageable concerns
  • Looking at Problem Solving in 2 steps:
  • Create an Action Plan for continuous improvement in Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Problem Identification
  • Problem Solving
  • Problem Solving Tools:
  • Problem Identification
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Pareto Principle
  • Problem Identification
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem Solving
  • Applying these tools to work related scenarios

Training Hours:

The duration of the training program will be 8hours

Training Methodology:

  • Instructor Led Training
  • Role Plays
  • Games and Group Activities
  • Movie and Audio Clips

Resources Required:

  • Horseway Business Services will conduct the training
  • Maximum number of participants to a class will be 20
  • The training will be conducted at a venue organized by your organization
  • The following will be provided by your organization:
  • Handouts will be printed/photocopied
  • An LCD projector
  • Audio speakers