Presentation Coaching

Business Presentation and Business Coaching for Presentation Skills are our signature training programs in the area of Leadership Training and Soft Skills Training. Of late there is great emphasis on these skills even in Executive Coaching and Business Coaching.

What is Presentation Coaching?

What is Presentation Coaching?
Presentation Coaching is a method of one-to-one training where the emphasis is on empowering coaches to better their skills in the various aspects of presentation such as the structure, design and delivery. First, a preliminary study is conducted on the existing skill level of the coaches. Based on the results, we create a customized development plan and apply the same under the leadership of the coach.

What made Mahatma Gandhi (A Leading Freedom Fighter of India) an impactful presenter were not his oratorical capabilities but his ability to connect to the people. He travelled extensively, understood the issues that the masses were facing and then presented viable solutions when he addressed the people. The pivotal aspect that created the impact was the emotional component. Often times in the business world a presentation is seen as an opportunity to present facts but this does not create connectedness with the audience. It is important to link the relevance of the facts to the lives of the audience. The most important question that the audience asks is, "What is in it for me?" All through the delivery you should be subtly answering this question.

Business Coaching on Presentation Skills Our Business Coaching on Presentation Skills starts well before the creation of the presentation.
Here are the areas of our Presentation Skills Training:
  • Understanding the objective
  • Understanding the profile of the audience
  • Establishing the duration
  • Deciding the flow of content for maximum audience impact
  • The right use of graphics, fonts and animations
  • Use of videos when apt
  • Being an impactful presenter
  • Having the apt and powerful body language
  • Use of rhetorical questions
  • Engaging the audience whenever possible
  • Overcoming nervousness
  • Engaging a distracted audience
  • Handling the questions of the audience

The two services we offer under Presentation Skills coaching are:

  • Coaching:

The duration of our coaching is 6 months – twice a month for the first 3 months and then once a month for the next 3 months. The coach accompanies the coaches when he/she does presentations and immediate feedback is given after the event. When this is not possible, the presentation is recorded and feedback is given using the playback.

  • Creation of PowerPoint Presentations for Executives:

We will design and create the presentation based on the objective, topic and audience profile.