Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching today, is widely accepted as an essential part of the process of continuous learning in the arena of competitive business and is a key offering of Horseway Business Services. It is an integral part of leadership training for top-rung executives.
What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a one-to-one collaboration between a certified coach and an executive, who wants to better his/her leadership skills, access new perspectives and above all reach maximum potential. It helps individuals to connect to and realize their higher potential. The coaches set their own goals and the coach facilitates the journey by enabling him/her to tap into the potential within. The scope could be personal or organizational both of which are enhanced by a more evolved person.

Sagar Nakrani of Horseway Business Services is a seasoned Executive Coach of great repute. Sagar Nakrani is the certified corporate trainer in Advanced Facilitation Skills and Behavioral Skills. Sagar Nakrani is also the certified trainer by Indian Trainers Association.

Sagar Nakrani conducts coaching for senior leaders and middle managers getting them ready to take on more senior roles and greater responsibilities. The main purpose of our middle management coaching is to help with succession planning.

In the words of Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith, who has been ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 executive educators, executives should seek coaching "when they feel that a change in behavior -either for themselves or their team members-can make a significant difference in the long-term success of the organization."

N2growth is a leading venture growth consultancy that conducted a detailed study on the business impact of executive coaching. The results clearly exposed the significant impact on the bottom line of an organization with the top executives have an executive coach to help them augment their skills.

Kornferry Institute recently studied substantial amount of research literature available on the benefits of executive coaching to understand the effectiveness of executive coaching.

Below listed are some of the important findings that Kornferry highlighted from their study of all the research data:

  • Skills and performance were positively impacted
  • People who were coached fared significantly better than their peers who were not coached
  • Impact on business results was indisputable
  • The more the business coaching objectives are aligned with organizational strategies and business needs, the greater the ROI companies are likely to achieve.

Executive Coaching is an investment that is made in developing your key resources – high-level managers – for the long-term benefit of the organization. The penetration of culture is always from top to bottom; so coaching the leaders in providing environments that stimulate development will have an exponential effect on the growth of the company. Our Corporate Coaching focuses on three aspects:

  • Strategy
  • Organizational Change
  • Behavioral Coaching

At Horseway Business Services, we conduct Executive Coaching in two formats:

  • One-on-One Coaching:

HBS has had many success stories with middle and senior level managers in this format. One of them is the case study of leadership coaching conducted for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

  • Group Coaching:

Group coaching is another interesting way of tapping into the collective wisdom of the team. Among others is the case study of group coaching conducted for middle managers of an international bank.

We also conduct Presentation Coaching as it is an important competency required by senior managers today. 

Your Executive Coach – Sagar Nakrani

  Sagar nakrani is a leadership coach who helps individuals, groups, teams and organizations find the right solutions in the workplace. Her mission is to help you raise productivity, performance, and overall satisfaction in all areas of your life. Sagar Nakrani has completed extensive post-graduate education in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Change Management, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Motivation, Persuasion, and Executive Leadership. With more than 9 years of business experience in diverse industries, she has held leadership positions, coached senior leaders for success, and designed and implemented Leadership Programs.
  "Leadership from inside-out involves clarifying our inner identity, beliefs, motivation, and purpose, so that our leadership (and our lives) has more sustainable service and enduring impact."—Kevin Cashman
  Working with Sagar Nakrani in the business coaching, using a holistic approach, you will experience innovative and creative techniques as you develop immediate action steps to:
  • Manage up and manage down
  • Successfully sell your ideas
  • Achieve results with ease
  • Become an inspired leader and raise your emotional intelligence (EI) quotient
  • Boost your creative intelligence
  • Create deep and satisfying people relationships
  • Attract success in life, work, and business
  • Start enjoying the rest of your life

The emphasis in Business Coaching will be on developing your abilities in these key leadership competencies:

  • Communication – listening intently and conveying a clear message
  • Empathy – to seek understanding and rapport even under pressure
  • Influencing – in order to achieve results with ease
  • Impacting Others – recognizing each person’s individual skills while building consensus
  • Visioning and Goal Setting – painting a picture of the future in practical terms

The focus areas of our Corporate Coaching include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Vision & Practical Optimism
  • Focus on What Works
  • Exit your Comfort Zone
  • Leading in Critical Situations
  • Core Values and Choosing between Right and Right
  • Conducting Critical Conversations
  • Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn
  • Permission to be Human
  • Reflection – Action – Reflection
  • Shifting Limiting Mindsets