We are committed to our clients in every way and therefore have a wide service offering to meet their growing needs. We are dedicated to delivering actionable results in a tight knit bond with our clients and having a positive impact on the bottom line. We do not just try to achieve better performance, but strive to achieve ultimate performance, as benchmarked by the client’s competitors and the demands of the industry. We never settle for second place. With Horseway Business Services as a partner, you are bound for success. Our service offering can be segmented into the following categories. Please review them below.

Horseway redefines the traditional consulting experience by offering the highest quality service from top tier C-level executives and industry experts. We provide solutions unique to individual situations ranging from traditional business issues to highly complex operational or financial restructurings. United by a culture of urgency and a determination to increase enterprise value for our clients, Horseway is organized around core practices:


Business Advisory Services

Horseway is a market-leader in guiding organizations through business, market, and economic challenges by providing consulting, mentoring and facilitation services.


Corporate Dispositions

Horseway has significant experience in managing corporate dispositions, liquidations, and wind-downs. These complex matters typically involve distressed companies faced with the …


Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance practice has evolved over time to become one of our core competencies and primary areas of expertise. Through initiation and installation of various procedural and physical …


Corporate Turnaround and Restructuring

We provide corporations dealing with crisis with the industry’s best and most complete range of corporate turnaround and restructuring services …



Corporate Strategy is undoubtedly the most important factor in long-term sustainable success. By creating a new strategy or altering the existing one as a result of ever-changing market demands…


Custom Tailored Solutions

If you did not find what you were looking for in the other sections of our service offering, do not despair. We are often engaged to provide Custom-tailored …


Marketing and Sales

Our Marketing and Sales services stem from our most inherent belief in entrepreneurial leadership and creative business development techniques. We always begin by looking …



Once the strategy is created and the necessary resources are in place, it is time to efficiently and expeditiously implement the plans in order to achieve the organizational goals. That is why Horseway is…



Today’s world is more complicated than ever before. There are all sorts of pressures that any Organization must endure, from informational overload and globalization to  rapid technological advancement …