It is usually said that man is never identified by his age and his past. But yes! He can be surely identified by his power of proving his knowledge, skills and attitude to the world.

The first shadow of the young and dashing personality – the founder of Horseway Group with depth knowledge of management and personal power, an enthusiastic power human, an energetic soft spoken heart touching voice, a charismatic character with intoxication of doing something blasting to spark the fire within the mind and heart of the people to inspire them to achieve their breakthrough results by their work and to live their life beautifully.
Yes! that’s Sagar…the name itself describe him the ocean, he is the energetic and enthusiastic trainer of India these days, who held the fame of being 1st youngest corporate trainer of Gujarat at the age of 19 – certified by American TESOL Institute(Bangalore) and certified practitioner trainer by Indian Trainers Association(ITA).
It is very difficult to describe him in few words, but as you interact with him, you will find a charismatic and attractive power within him.
“Sagar J Nakrani” has served as a motivational speaker, as a life coach and as a mentor. And he touched the hearts of thousands of people in every way of his life from the age of 17. Sagar has been conducting seminars and workshops on self development to support people to unleash their power within and to spark their potentials to move ahead in their lives.
Sagar has been working as an executive coach, an educator and a mentor for educational institutes. He has designed his own seminars and workshops and he is having mastery on more than 20 subjects in his young age of 21.
Sagar has over 60+ months of professional experience having worked with various education institutions and organizations. His varied life experiences have given him the exposure to motivate and to inspire people to move ahead in their lives beyond their imaginations. His knowledge and his interest of sparking the fire within the hearts of people inspired him to follow his passion towards the people to help them in their lives and to help them to find out their hidden potentials.
Today, Sagar is on the way to change the lives of people and he is now sharing his knowledge with people in different areas of real world like, personal life, educational life, corporate areas, social life, executives’ areas, etc. The best example of all these things and talks is Sagar himself. He has proven to the entire world in his young age of just 25 years that everything is possible if we really want to achieve in our life. He has proven that your hidden potentials are the original or real value of human beings.
Sagar always explain in his seminars and workshops very powerfully that our life is nothing without the conversion of our signature into an autograph. And that’s why Sagar is the power personality for the people to get the chance to attend his seminars and workshops and his power talks.
Sagar is the founder of “Horseway Group”; a well known business group associated with digital commerce, wholesale trading of luxurious bath & hospitality products and real estate business. Sagar is also a chief mentor at “Sagar Training & Consultancy Serivces”, the company which provides various talks in different forms of seminars, workshops and power talks on more than 50 subjects. To conduct seminars, workshops or power talks in your organization, you can contact on given number or mail us.


Sagar has 10+ years experience in this field. By education, Sagar holds Masters Degree in Business Management and Bachelors Degree in Computer Applications. Sagar is a Certified Corporate Trainer in Behavioral Skills, Certified Corporate Trainer in Advanced Facilitation Skills and Practitioner Trainer by Indian Trainers Association.

  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.










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